Yula Surf Schule

Have you ever experienced the sensation of the board under your feet being magically lifted up by the energy of an ocean wave? Need we say more?

Yula Surf School is located right on the beach in front of the hotel, seconds from the beach break. Main reef is just minutes away, too!

Learn to Surf

If you want to learn surfing, our personal instructors are happy to teach you how to paddle out and catch waves. Just drop by and ask us, or book a couple of lessons in advance (10% discount*). Rest assured we have plenty of beginner-suitable soft-top boards in all lengths and sizes; let us find the right one for you once you're here!

Rent a Board

Already (sort of) know what you're doing in the water? We're here to help you choose a board appropriate for your skill level. Just ask us online or on the beach. No need to carry your own board half way around the world and pay a fortune to the airline.

Unsere Boards

Know just what you're looking for? Then go ahead and browse some of our boards below. Once you've found your match, let us know and we'll reserve it for you, making sure it's ready for the water when you are! 

Tip: Click the image of a board to see its precise dimensions.




Funboards / Malibus

Skim- und Bodyboards


Our prices are listed here for your convenience, but may not always be up to date. Shoot us a message and we'll get back to you with a final price.

  Surf Lesson* Surf Rental*
1 hour 15 USD 3 USD
5 x 1 hour 60 USD -
1 day - 9 USD
≥ 3 days - 7 USD / day


* 10% discount when booked online in advance of your stay at Yula Beach Hotel